Training With GetFit Mobile Improves Diabetics’ Glucose Metabolism

Short Workouts Give Great Results

A recent study at The University Of Turku in Finland found that the type of training that we use at GetFit Mobile Training, Metabolic Overdrive Resistance Exercise (M.O.R.E), helps diabetics increase glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity. This improvement took place in only two weeks of training!

M.O.R.EĀ is a mode of exercise that alternates short periods of intense exercise, with periods of low intensity. An example of this would be performing 30 second of an exercise with 15 seconds of rest, for several sets. This can be done with weights, running, cycling, walking, or any type of exercise that gets your heart rate elevated. The intensity of the exercise means that you don’t have to engage in marathon exercise sessions!

You Do Have Time To Workout!

We are all busy, and many think that they don’t have time to fit exercise into their busy lives. The good news about the type of training we use with our clients is that our clients getĀ outstanding health benefits in minimal time. If you have type 2 diabetes, or have been told that you are pre-diabetic, you can significantly improve the way you body uses insulin by using our M.O.R.E method of exercise.


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